Colombian farmers under pressure from frosts linked to climate change

SIBATE, Colombia (Reuters) - Potato farmer Pedro Gomez stared out across rows and rows of ruined potato plants, the usually green foliage brown and withered by heavy frost. “They are very significant losses for the farmers who benefit from these crops, which is the only thing they can grow here,” he said. Just a few…

Bloomberg plan would make all new U.S. cars electric by 2035

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic U.S. presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg unveiled a plan on Friday to slash greenhouse gas emissions from transportation by making electric vehicles accessible to even low-income families and improving access to public transit. Bloomberg, a media billionaire and former mayor of New York City, has long fought to curb emissions, serving recently…

'You have not seen anything yet,' climate activist Greta says ahead of Davos

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) - Swedish activist Greta Thunberg marched with 10,000 protesters in the Swiss city of Lausanne on Friday and said “you have not seen anything yet” before some head to Davos next week to challenge the global financial elite to fight climate change. The 17-year-old, who launched the #FridaysforFuture movement that has sparked…

Paraguay braces for deadly Dengue fever outbreak

A patient infected with dengue rests while receiving treatment at a hospital in Asuncion, Paraguay January 16, 2020. REUTERS/Jorge Adorno TPX IMAGES OF THE DAYASUNCION (Reuters) - Paraguay is bracing for a potential major epidemic of Dengue fever after recording close to 7,000 suspected cases in the first two weeks of 2020, similar to levels…

Locust plague devastates crops in Horn of Africa

JIGJIGA, Ethiopia (Reuters) - Ethiopian farmer Ahmed Ibrahim batted empty water bottles at a swarm of desert locusts the size of his palms that were devouring his field of khat - the mildly narcotic leaf that is his family’s main source of income. A Samburu man attempts to fend-off a swarm of desert locusts flying…