20-year-old paralyzed by falling tree during B.C. storm 'can't wait to get home'

Alex Higden had a bad feeling.He was working in Pitt Meadows, B.C., on Dec. 20, and the storm was picking up. The weather forecast looked anything but good and wind was blasting around 100 km/h.Higden, 20, decided to pack up his flatbed truck and leave work early in hopes of beating the worst of the weather. It was his…

8,428 babies born on New Year's Day in Bangladesh

Unicef yesterday said according to their estimations, as many as 8,428 babies would be born in Bangladesh on New Year's Day (yesterday). In a report released in Dhaka and New York concurrently, Unicef said the babies born in Bangladesh will account for 2.13 percent of 395,072 babies that they estimated to be born on the…

Environmental impact on health

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines the environment in relation to health as “all the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to a person, and all the related behaviours”. There is no avoiding interaction with the environment as we go about our daily business of living. And as the world changes and gets more polluted,…

Thalassaemia: the silent genetic disorder

It was Shifa’s (not an actual name) 18th birthday. She was trying to put on a bit darker makeup just to hide her pale and ailing skin. What an irony! The meaning of her name is ‘the healing’ — nevertheless; it has no effect on her at all! Shifa has a disease named thalassaemia. Recently,…

Lawsuits ramp up pressure on family that owns opioid company

The legal pressure on the prominent family behind the company that makes OxyContin, the prescription painkiller that helped fuel the opioid epidemic in the U.S., is likely to get more intense.The Sackler family came under heavy scrutiny this week when a legal filing in a Massachusetts case gave detailed allegations that they and company executives…