'Am I going to see anyone again?': Hospital patients isolated from loved ones as COVID-19 stops family visits

Mary-Anne Parker says her parents are planners — they had talked about what to do if one of them got sick. But nothing could have prepared them for what happened when her 85-year-old father went to hospital with pneumonia.  "When he went in to hospital, all of those expectations went out the window," said Parker of her father, Stephen. "This…

Which household chores burn the most calories?

You might be surprised to know that you do not need to go to the gym or bundle up for a winter power walk to stay fit. Daily activities burn calories and can add up to a personal fitness routine. Clean up, burn calories Hate going to the gym? You can burn calories when you…

Bolster efforts to tackle leading causes of urban deaths

A new report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) offers guidance and tools for urban leaders to tackle some of the leading causes of death in cities. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) - like heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes - kill 41 million people worldwide every year, and road traffic crashes kill 1.35 million. The report,…

Interval breast cancers linked to risk for other tumours

Women with breast cancer identified between screening mammograms are more likely to be diagnosed with other cancers both before and after their breast cancer diagnosis, according to a Nature Communications study. Researchers studied nearly 15,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer from two Swedish cohorts and the Women’s Health Initiative. Some 12% of the cancers were…

Heavy smoking causes faces to look older

“Smoker’s Face,” a condition where smokers look older than they are, is just one of many negative effects caused by heavy tobacco usage. Louise Millard of the University of Bristol and colleagues report these findings in a new study published recently in PLOS Genetics. Some people carry one or two copies of a genetic variant…