Jennifer Aniston, fabulous at 51: Her life and career in photos

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“Murder Mystery,” in which Aniston and Adam Sandler play a near-broke married couple who go on a 15-years-delayed European honeymoon and wind up being invited on a billionaire’s yacht where a murder takes place.” height=”4000″ id=”2534764001″ orientation=”vertical” original=”” width=”2667″>Guinness World Record for the fastest account to reach one million followers in under six hours. 

As for her humble bio? “My friends call me Jen.”” height=”4544″ id=”2534980001″ orientation=”vertical” original=”” width=”3541″>Instagram: “My pain in the ass little burst of sunshine sister and I are working together again. But this time, we’ll be much kinder to one another. (Hmm, then again, we’ll just have to wait and see about that…)”” height=”4213″ id=”2534755001″ orientation=”vertical” original=”” width=”2809″>

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