When to call a lawyer

Before we get into the details, there's one thing you should know. There are two legal categories— criminal law and civil law. While criminal law deals with criminal charges (for which you should definitely get a lawyer without a second thought), civil law deals with issues that violate public/personal interests but are not criminally charged.…

The modern-day language barriers

With thousands of children exposed to an unhealthy amount of screen time, most are suffering from unwarranted cases of depression, language distortion, aggressive behaviour, and even developing harmful personalities — those that lack empathy and social intelligence. Musammat Sharmila Khan, a working lady and a mother of three, already has a lot on her plate.…

The Quest sets for Bangladesh’s first winter expedition

Although the concept of mountaineering is nothing new to Bangladesh, the ambit of it is relatively low. As counter intuitive as it may sound, despite being in close proximity to the Himalayan Mountain Range, there has not been any attempt to climb its summit during winter. However, the good news is, a group of mountaineers…

Unhindered creativity

In today's world of strictness and discipline, children face the pressure to meet various expectations and are often limited to their devices for any sort of recreation. However, to motivate children into exercising their creativity, interacting with the outdoors and giving them a break from their hectic routines, weekend group activities can be organised such…

Know your basics of dentistry

There are certain things in life that we take for granted. So much so that we do not realise how important they are till we have to live without them — like healthy teeth and oral cavity. Oral health is just as important as every other part in your body, and in order to keep…