Belgian carnival defies calls to cancel parade with Jewish caricatures

AALST, Belgium (Reuters) - A satirical Belgian carnival parade decried by Israel’s foreign minister as “hateful” went ahead on Sunday despite being withdrawn from the United Nation’s list of recognized cultural events over accusations of racism and anti-Semitism. Revellers in costumes attend a carnival parade in Aalst, Belgium February 23, 2020. REUTERS/Yves Herman After a…

How to live longer: The surprising drink which could be the secret to long life expectancy

Looking at the leading causes of death in the world makes for gloomy reading but it does underline the importance of eating a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise. That’s because obesity and heart disease, both of which are major killers, are largely preventable if you adhere to a healthy lifestyle. While evidence continues…

When to call a lawyer

Before we get into the details, there's one thing you should know. There are two legal categories— criminal law and civil law. While criminal law deals with criminal charges (for which you should definitely get a lawyer without a second thought), civil law deals with issues that violate public/personal interests but are not criminally charged.…

Measles-Rubella Campaign 2020

Throughout the ages, humankind has faced the threat of multiple viruses and diseases. Mothers, the primary caregivers of their children, have always been more aware and conscious of their children's surroundings and about the measures required to shield them from any disease. To help mothers combat ailments, the Measles-Rubella Campaign 2020, organised all over Bangladesh…

The weekend eve vibes

The weekend has always been a modern day "Sabbath" for many of us. It is certainly a time of rest, of contemplation, and above all, a time of random spontaneity when it comes to course of action.  Nothing seems to be more exciting than the day before the weekend or 'weekend eve' as it is…